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Strapping Systems:

If you're looking for a manufacturer of custom or standard automatic banding or strapping machines, coil banders or coil labeling / marking systems, or de-strappers, Itipack Systems Inc. is the company to call. Itipack specializes in custom strapping systems, including coil ID and OD banders, pallet strapping machines using polyester straps, and more! Give Itipack Systems a call at (905) 333-3695 today!

Every customer's company has its own speciality: a specific product and a production system designed for that product. Our machines are modelled on your requirements. They are designed for integration into your company's system, to give you the maximum in performance and efficiency while fully respecting your production and profound knowledge of your needs. Research and development: the brain of the Itipack organisation. The new machines are conceived here, from the best ideas of our specialised technicians: high-value, qualified people, strongly motivated to come up with new proposals and perfected strap system. Alongside them are highly sophisticated design tools and technologies. Man and machine: the Itipack philosophy for giving the packaging world the most advanced answers.

Incredible strength, long life and continuous operation. Efficiency and respect for your production needs. Only Itipack technology can give you these machines. They spring from state-of-the-art production lines where the creation of every single part is governed perfectly by automation. Everything is Itipack-made: the structural metalwork, the painting, the mechanical and electrical assemblies. They are then subjected to the most severe tests: residual tension testing by tensionmeter and tensile strength testing by dynamometer both on steel and plastic straps.

Itipack: solidity and stability. Solidity in numbers: a works area of 11,000 sq.m and hundreds of machines exported all over the world every year, solidity which springs from continuous investment in advanced technologies and the certainty of a world leader. The stability of our organisation: a company system open to the movements of the market. Our integrated structure harmonizes in a single end the various company sectors: research and development, production, marketing and services. This is the only way new solutions can be conceived and products of absolute quality created.

Ensuring the security of packaging, seeking new solutions for transporting goods in complete safety, and giving every business the most appropriate strap system for its needs: it was on the basis of these sound principles that we began producing strap systems in 1970 and we have never stopped improving them.

Call Itipack Systems Inc. at (905) 333-3695 for all your automatic strapping, destrapper & bander requirements.

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