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Itipack Systems: Weld Joint Strapping Machines

Itipack Systems is the pioneer of the weld joint technology in steel banding. In the late 90's, Itipack Systems sought out a more efficient and improved manner in which to secure steel strap for heavy industrial packaging. Through research and development work, Itipack Systems has developed the TIG spot weld seal to the strapping world. Old technology requiring expensive seals and crimp-seals is a thing of the past. Costly investment in consumables like seals are no more, and time consuming jaw rebuilds and replacements are no longer necessary.

Weld Joint Technology is the Future of Strapping Technology in the Steel Industry

Itipack Systems is the pioneer of the Weld Joint Technology in steel banding. No other joint type can reach the performance to that of the welding process, with reduced wear and an unparalleled 95% joint efficiency.

The Itipack Systems advantage? While other major strapping system suppliers are more concerned with selling consumable products (ie: strap, seals), Itipack Systems does not sell consumables. This new technology reduces cost due to less strap usage and the elimination of seals.

Itipack Systems is committed to one thing: supplying the best solution to their customer.

Every customer of Itipack has its own specialty: a specific product and a production system designed for that product. With Itipack Systems, our sole focus is to design and manufacture highly automated, robust and reliable strapping equipment. Our machines are built to your requirements. Itipack strapping machines are conceived by the best ideas and experience of technicians and operators who have worked in the field. With continuous research and development, it becomes the brain of the Itipack organization; to deliver high-value, optimum performance and long-lasting results in each of our strapping systems.

Man and Machine: the Itipack philosophy for giving the packaging world the most advanced answers.

For a wide range of industrial strapping, banding and coil labeling solutions and systems, call call Itipack Systems at 1-866-999-3695 today!

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