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Itipack Systems specializes in the repair of all makes of strapping machines, and use only the best available parts for each system.

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Tobi Popoola
Aftermarket Accounts Manager | ext: 241

Victoria Hounsell
Service Coordinator | ext: 229

Rachel Simons
Parts and Customer Service| ext: 227

Eduardo Garza
Spare Parts Supply Chain | ext: 244

Parts-Service & Preventative Maintenance Services

As equipment manufacturers and industrial professionals alike, we all understand the significance and importance of proper equipment maintenance. In order for equipment to operate optimally, it is very important that proper maintenance is both scheduled and performed at the appropriate intervals. These intervals also help ensure your equipment and automatic strapping system will not fall prey to unexpected down-time.
To avoid costly down-time, it is extremely important to have a very diligent and proactive approach to preventative maintenance. It is also very beneficial to have an experienced and trusted parts and service resource which you can count on - and one who will work with you in a manner that makes the most sense for you.
As such, and in order to help our clients achieve their goals, maximize their up-time, and virtually eliminate maintenance related production down-time, we have initiated a number of very key service initiatives-programs.

At Itipack Systems, our primary focus is on providing our clients with the very best preventative maintenance service and support available within their particular industry!

  1. Local-NA Parts Procurement
    With fully functional part warehouses located in North America, we can react quickly to customer part orders and requirements. By working closely with our clients, we can also further forecast and plan for when parts are required for your next service interval - based on your equipment, its present maintenance status, and your equipment service requirements. When part orders are placed one day, we can typically ship the very next day to anywhere in North America!
  2. Strapping Head Rebuild Programs
    Please give us a call to review what type of program makes the most sense for you, based on your specific needs and requirements. It’s worth talking about.
  3. Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs
    Due to the significant impact well running equipment can have on the over-all safety, productivity, and profitability of your facility, we work very hard to develop maintenance programs that are rooted in proactivity and equipment breakdown prevention. As such, our engaged and sincere approach is to work with you in a manner that accomplishes just that. Call us for an engaging discussion.

Any equipment service, strapping head service, or any other maintenance program service we offer - including training, is carried out by our experienced and engaged team of service technicians. Their unsurpassed knowledge and experience can aid in every situation to ensure your equipment’s over-all sustainability and productivity.
Service is provided across North America and beyond. Service technicians can be found in:

  • All Markets in the United States
  • Mexico
  • French Canada
  • Central Canada
  • Western Canada

We focus on servicing our customers to the very best of our ability and will go out of our way to make certain our customers are satisfied with any products or services we provide.
Call us today for an engaging discussion regarding how we can help you best achieve your specific safety, productivity, and over-all maintenance goals.














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