Every company has its own specialty, a specific product and a production system designed for that product.

Our specialty is custom Strapping Systems engineered and built specifically for each client.

At Itipack Systems, our sole focus is to engineer and manufacture highly automated, robust and reliable strapping equipment. Our strapping systems are conceived by the best ideas and experience of technicians and operators and are engineered to meet all of the customer’s specified requirements

Our design team works with the most advanced 3D technology (SolidWorks) to tailor-fit each machine to a customer's requirements. Nothing manufactured by Itipack Systems is an "off the shelf" product. Each one of our quality systems is designed for a specific application; we do not manufacture any “off the shelf” products. 

Our experienced staff are also involved in ongoing research and development to ensure that Itipack continues to deliver high-value, optimal performance, and long-lasting results for each of our customers.


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